Training and Mentoring


The training platform is the training segment of our organization and our training supports players within the agribusiness ecosystem in following ways;

  • Supporting Individuals and or Organizations to acquire the behaviors, knowledge, skills and networks required to start , launch and run profitable agribusinesses.
  • Supporting the agribusiness entities to improve the business environment so it is an easier place to run a business.


Agricultural entrepreneurship and agribusiness training are provided to agribusiness in order for them to acquire the skills and knowledge required to operate profitable businesses.

These training are provided as;

  • Open Workshop:It is a 2-day instructors-led presentation training course holding once a month in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and Port Harcourt in Nigeria and there is a future plan for expansion to other countries outside Nigeria. This training accommodates small groups of agribusiness owners and professionals (15-20 pax) who run their own individual agribusiness, but have similar training needs.
  • One-on One Coaching: Private coaching allows for the most intensive work on your entrepreneurial skills and agribusiness management. Let us work 1-on-1 in the comfort of your office or residence in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt etc.
  • Corporate Training: Today, corporate and business professionals need competent skills to operate and manage their agribusinesses. In-house training for your team, managers and staff is deliverable in your premises or office in Nigeria.
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The concept behind the agribusiness mentorship is to turn agribusiness opportunities into realities for start-ups and other small and growing agribusinesses. For entrepreneurs, turning a passion into a business is the ultimate dream.

Therefore, our mentoring platform is a customized and branded portal which is accessible from everywhere, allowing people, agribusinesses, volunteer mentors  and our organization to have a meaningful mentoring relationship, no matter where they are located as well as provide a platform where agripreneurs and other professionals in agriculture meet.  This is a free, easy-to-use service that connects agripreneurs with volunteer mentors so they can solve problems and build agribusinesses together.

Our intention is to build a strong and highly responsive community so as to leverage the power of mentoring to help start-ups, small and growing agribusinesses thrive. Every mentor brings a unique set of experiences to the community. Whether Agripreneurs need help with agribusiness planning, market and sales strategy, finance, branding, customer service, online integration or some other areas, they can find a match on our mentoring platform that will offer solutions.

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