Training and Extension

Our training program can be best described as  a quality and practical  program for entrepreneurs which is delivered  by talented and highly trained business professional with substantial regional and international business experience and expertise. Part of this, is a series of agribusiness incubation workshops to identify a set of activities to help launch your innovative agribusiness ideas and assist in entry into the marketplace and grow revenue years later.

Out training and extension services center primarily on the folliwings;

  • Understand how to develop a growth strategy planning with main focus agribusiness growth potential, potential markets, forecast sales, business model design, marketing and agribusiness planning.
  • Be able to develop a checklist of effective business execution steps with the knowledge of project management. Typically, a tracking skill must be acquired to determine how the activities relate to each other, how far each activity has progressed and what resources (time, money, and people) are being used for each activity.
  • Understand the practice of Business Operations and Development
  • Have adequate knowledge on financial planning