Incubation Center

Blaze Agribusiness Incubation Center is the platform of the Blaze Agribusiness Incubation Group which facilitates strategic actions for entrepreneurship in agriculture through the deployment of right business skills, value chain analysis, technology and innovations and training for good business growth and outcomes



Blaze Agribusiness Incubation Center is also designed as a multi-stakeholder platform which is to facilitate strategic actions for agribusiness and entrepreneurship in agriculture. These strategic actions are achieved through the followings;

  • As a platform which is also the center where most of the activities and projects on agribusiness incubation and innovations are carried out.
  • As a platform for opportunity for exchange of agribusiness information
  • As a platform to create and disseminate knowledge useful for the food and agriculture industry
  • As a platform for stakeholders to share relevant, current and best practices for agribusiness profitability and sustainability
  • As a platform that regularly identifies and captures emerging and disruptive technologies and innovations useful for agribusiness
  • As a platform that encourages, fosters and engenders partnership, collaboration and networking within the agribusiness space and other close sectors


As an agribusiness incubation center, we provide a robust system in place to help to nurture innovative early-stage enterprises that have high growth potential to become competitive agribusinesses by serving, adding value or linking to farm producers. This, we do by putting in place  a well equipped center with shared facilities and equipment, provide business development, market access, and technology assessment services, render financial services and provide a forum for mentoring and networking by agro-incubators