Ag-Lab is also called Agribusiness Technology Innovation Lab. It is designed to foster new business development and drive innovative technologies, products and solutions for the agribusiness ecosystem. Our focus here is to main a sustainable working relationship with business development partners, access pre-seed and other capitals and organizes networking events.

It majorly focuses on the technology opportunities and trends; data and analytics, infrastructure, supply chains, bio-technology, automation, agro-devices, fintech, growth inclusion etc. We work with different classes of people and specialties and these include; agribusiness owners, corporations, startups, educational institutions, media, banks, farmers and others within agricultural space. Our focus here is also to maintain.

We also help start ups to create sustainable ventures and link them up with Mentors and industry Experts and ensure a seamless pathway from being a start up to growing and then launching of the product.

Do you have an agribusiness idea in the areas highlighted above and desire for agribusiness ideation, start-up, mentoring, knowledge, connections and financial services, click here to contact us