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Blaze Agribusiness Incubation is Africa’s agribusiness incubation platform which works to create and nurture agribusiness enterprise and innovations with sustainable agribusiness projects and programs and with right synergy and connection with Investors, individuals and agribusinesses.

For a continent that is majorly agrarian, it is very important for it to develop an efficient and profitable agribusiness entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem for start-ups, growing and large scale agribusinesses to thrive. We, at The BLAZE, are working tirelessly and pragmatically on agribusiness enterprise development and innovation for the African agriculture sector.

As a hub for agribusiness entrepreneurship and innovation, we work also with entrepreneurs bringing our and others professionals’ expertise, experience, knowledge, methodologies and connections for regional and global opportunities. We do also possess a unique model for supporting early stage innovative agribusiness ideas by combining and deploying our positive actions and capabilities for sustainable agribusiness incubation industry.



At blazeincubation we offer the best quality of agric services. At blazeincubation we offer the best quality of agric services. At blazeincubation we offer the best quality of agric services. At blazeincubation we offer the best quality of agric services. At blazeincubation we offer the best quality of agric services. At blazeincubation we offer the best quality of agric services. At blazeincubation we offer the best quality of agric services. At blazeincubation we offer the best quality of agric services.

Agribusiness Enterprise Development

At the BLAZE, we assist and improve sustainable and inclusive business and market opportunities for individuals, start-ups, SMEs and other agribusinesses through agribusiness and agricultural commodity value chain development. We do this by adding value to agricultural commodities through the deployment of technology and innovation and entrepreneurship and connect the various major actors with the food and agriculture industry.



Agribusiness Innovations and Research

We believe that research and innovation hold the key to agricultural growth in Africa especially in the development of entrepreneurship in agriculture. So, BLAZE acts the platform for research and innovation for agribusiness enterprise ideas to start, nurture and expand and gain entry into the market place.



Mentoring and incubation Advisory

Build the capacities of agribusiness stakeholders to promote and grow innovative agribusiness enterprises in a way to assist entrepreneurs to successfully establish and grow their businesses, manage risks associated with agricultural products and services, increase coordination between actors within target value chains and create demonstration cases that catalyze new business start-ups.



Incubation Design and Management

This service is provided to incubation entities to develop right  strategy, management, operations, marketing and technology,  access to market linkages, technology, capacity, finance, equipment and facilities,  guidance on regulatory requirements, quality and safety standards.


Training and Extension

Our training program can be best described as  a quality and practical  program for entrepreneurs which is delivered  by talented and highly trained business professional with substantial regional and international business experience and expertise. Part of this, is a series of agribusiness incubation workshops to identify a set of activities to help launch your innovative agribusiness ideas and assist in entry into the marketplace and grow revenue years later


Mission Statement

To generate and advance the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and acceleration for start-ups and growing businesses in agriculture


To be a leading agribusiness incubation platform in Africa in the development and management of comprehensive agribusiness innovation, entrepreneurship and acceleration strategies and actions for positive business outcomes in agriculture


The Blaze team is made up of a thorough mix of innovative thinkers that are well experienced in the Agric value chain ecosystem.

Adewale Ilesanmi / Program Director



Aigba Eka /Head (Finance and Administration)

Rasheed Adebayo / Head (Technology & Partnership)

Olutoyin Adebayo / Head (Innovation & Entrepreneurship)


In our drive to offer top notch services to our numnerous clients, we have entred into strategic partnership with organisations that will enhance the quality of our services


Kindly reach us for all your enquiries concerning our products, services and programmes and we will get by to you in the shortest possible time. Our friendly staff will bet more than glad to attend to you.

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